Instagram DOWN: What does the 5XX Server Error mean?

Instagram DOWN: What does the 5XX Server Error mean?
Instagram DOWN: What does the 5XX Server Error mean?:

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 Instagram is down for users across the world.   The social media app stopped working just before 5:00pm on June 12 for many users, as they're unable to refresh the site and are met with a 5XX Server Error.  Instagram users have been left confused, commenting on Twitter: "Instagram crashing / not working / down *immediately checks twitter to see if it's only me."  Another shared: "Instagram down for anyone else?"   This comes only a month after the app and desktop site suffered the same issues.   Website Down Detector noted the issues on their site, writing: "Instagram is having issues since 11:57 AM EDT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments."    It appears people all across the world are experiencing the same issues as they question the issues on Twitter.   One Dubai resident commented: "5xx Server Error... Instagram service down in Dubai.."  Instagram is yet to comment about the current situation.   More to follow.   Related  Love Island: Megan and Eyal share passionate kiss  Love Island: Adam and Rosie KISS  Love Island: Georgia and Niall reflect on their date   The truth behind Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's 'engagement' revealed   Nicholas Gleaves life behind the scenes uncovered as he joins Coronation Street as Duncan Radfield   Love Island Adam and Rosie: What’s really going on between ITV2 stars Adam Collard and Rosie Williams?   Click Here  
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